About us

Our Tango club ‘Comunidad Valenciana’ is an association created in the 90s at the initiative of some Tango dance fans who wanted Valencia to join this great community of ‘tangueros’ in the world.

Since then our Tango Club has continued to grow and has now become the reference of Tango in the Valencian community and whose most important event is “El Encuentro Internacional Tango Valencia” which is celebrated every year in October.

In the last editions we had the great privilege of welcoming some great tango professional dancers of the size of: Geraldine Rojas with Ezequiel Paludi, Virginia Pandolfi with Fabian Peralta, Roberto Herrera with Silvana Capra, Natalia Hills with Gabriel Missé, Roxana Suarez with Sebastián Achaval, Natalia Games with Gabriel Angio, Virginia Gomez with Christian Marquez, Inés Muzzoppa with Dante Sánchez, Ariadna Naveira with Fernando Sánchez, Alejandra Mantiñan with Aoniken Quiroga, Claudio with Vito and María Inés Bogado with Sebastián Jiménez.

The Tango Club since its beginnings has had several venues, we remember “El Polit” or “Algiros”. The magnificent salons of the Olympia Hotel are the setting where our current activities are taking place.

Make yourself a member of our club and enjoy the benefits.


Maria José Avilés


María Amparo Rodríguez


Antonio Martínez


Club Proposals

Promote Argentine Tango

The Club organizes a milongas in the public space on numerous chances (squares in the month of May and beach in the month of August) in order to promote our dance in the city of Valencia, in addition to making special prices to the young members of the Club.

Encuentro Tango Valencia

The Club organizes an annual festival, where local, national and international milongueros come to our city for sharing dance, friendship and hugs.With  classes and exhibitions of our first-line guest teachers of the international scene.


The Tango Club is committed to providing the best musicalizers/djs for our weekly milonga, sporadically we bring proven musicalizers from other cities to create a unique atmosphere in our milonga.

World Tango Day

The Club organizes milongas, events and special exhibitions taking advantage of the celebration of World Tango Day in December, where we can take the milonga to the street to share our passion.

Weekly milonga

The Club organizes a weekly milonga, on Saturdays, where we invite and offer to participate all local, national and international tango and milongueros come to dance on our dance floor where to share hugs, and lots of dancing

Playful and Cultural Activities

The Club organizes an annual outing to nature, where members participate in the dissemination of Tango, in addition to living a weekend dancing and doing other activities of the environment (hiking, guided tours), promoting the tango in other nearby towns even organizing local milongas at that places.

Classes and Workshops

The Club organizes in our international and annual festival a series of classes and exhibitions for the attendees. In addition, workshops and seminars are organized throughout the year to improve the learning of tango to our registered members and participants.

Tango in the City of Valencia

The Club has its most common activities in Valencia, although they are very frequent in the metropolitan area as well as in the province, with various departures and trips.

Board of Directors

The members of the current board of the Club Tango Comunidad Valenciana want to thank all the members, milongueros, tangueros and attendees who visit us and encourage us to continue our work in favor of tango, thanks!